Nick Ashton’s Vintage Closet



In 2004 what started out to be a family business for our son Nicholas Ashton, ended in 2007 due to an unforeseen accident. In 2020, Nick and our family decided to rebirth Nick Ashton’s barbershop into Nick Ashton’s Vintage Closet. Our prayer is that our closet will turn into a strong secondhand tradition that grows stronger every day.  Our business will bring deals to the community, that will not only be reasonable but will make them come back to shop.  We will pride ourselves on being fair to our consumers.  Putting a smile on someone’s face and making his or her day, is our hope.  In our store, you will find an array of men’s, women’s, and some kids’ clothing, shoes, and accessories.  We are excited to carry fun, vintage costumes for your special party.  We will strive to carry unique and one of a kind items for everybody. 

We will take pride, encourage and adopt the GREEN lifestyle by reusing.  Several people in our community have been generous enough to donate items to our store, so we will be fair with our prices.

The fun part of shopping vintage is the feeling that comes with finding something unique and special is exhilarating.  We will have a a good collection of clothing and all types of accessories i.e.: jewelry, ties, belts and watches, to name a few. 

Cinder & Nick Ashton