About The Founder

Cinder Eller-Kimbell

As a child, Cinder would hear, “you’re so pretty to be dark”. She always accepted the words with a thank you and a smile, but even from that early age, she allowed the comment to define her. In addition to the comments about her skin tone, she developed a complex due to her name: Cinder Eller (meaning burnt ashes).  She would occasionally would ask why her parents would name her that.  It’s a fairytale name after all, and her life did not reflect one. 

Born in Minneapolis, MN, and raised in Inglewood, CA, she shared a mother with her older brothers and sister and a father with her younger brother and sister, making her the middle child, and the darkest, of which she was always aware.

Growing up, Cinders mother would always affirm and reiterate that she was beautiful. Her mother’s nickname for her was “DOLL”. She would tell Cinder to stand up straight, look people in their eyes, and walk in and with confidence. At 17, Cinder became actively involved in the church where she engaged with girls who admired, adored, and gravitated towards her. They would ask questions, spend time, and entrust their personal inner thoughts. She would talk, love, listen and shower them with positive affirmations, as her mother did for her. 

Cinder did not understand the magnitude of gratitude afforded her, until a beautiful young lady, now a beautiful, intelligent grown woman, acknowledged and thanked her on social media for being a positive role model in her life.  It was that day she discovered her purpose in life was to become a MENTOR.

For the past 30+ years, Cinder has continued to be a positive role model and mentor to many.  She leads with a big heart, love for all and a  community.  She is a wife, mother, grandmother, community leader, activist, and a hard worker.  She is committed to developing others and showing young girls and boys the same constant encouragement her mother showed to her

Cinder’s commitment to the development of people is what led to the creation of The Glass Slipper; A Youth Foundation, L.A., which happens to be a spin-off of the name she grew to love “Cinder Eller”.


Cinder Eller-Kimbell is not only a wife, mother and grandmother, but she is a community leader.  She was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota but raised in the City of Inglewood, California.  

Cinder received her early education in the Inglewood Unified School District and her continuing education with the The University of Phoenix. 

At an early age, she was a mentor for young girls, slightly younger than herself, and a voice for those who did not understand how to use theirs. 

Cinder married Attorney Alphonso Kimbell. Through that union she became a bonus mom and grandmother.  Prior to the marriage, she was a single parent, raising a young son.  Cinder tried to instill in her son that giving back and serving the community was their primary focus. Starting at the age of five, on Christmas Day, she would take her son to Skid Row to pass out his unworn clothes and shoes to kids that were less fortunate.  She wanted to teach him that you have to give before you can receive.  Twenty-four years later, her son still gives on Christmas Day and serves the community where he resides. She taught him the slogan “each one, teach one”.  He truly walks in the footsteps of his mother. 

The community has always been Cinder’s passion, so much so that she is now a Community/Homeless Liaison for the City of Inglewood, supporting community services which include: Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Homeless Council, Los Angeles County Annual Homeless Count Leader, South Bay Workforce Investment Board member, South Bay Coalition to End Homelessness member

 Cinder has not only housed, but also connected several men, women, and children with supportive services.  She goes above and beyond to make sure that every person she meets is treated with dignity and respect.  

Cinder has received numerous recognition’s and awards including:

“The Above Self, Outstanding Service Award, & Exemplary Service Award

The Oakwood University Alumni Association of SoCal Community Service Award

Outstanding Volunteer Award (Relay for Life)

2020 Assembly District 62, Unsung Hero Award. 

Cinder is a member of various organizations, including the Kiwanis Club, Public Relations Officer for the Lions Club/Centennial Charter Member, and The LA Rams & Chargers Community Liaison.

Cinder is the Founder of “The Glass Slipper; a Youth Foundation” (Mentoring Organization for Girls) and a proud Co-Chair for H.O.P.E (Domestic Violence Support Group) at Faithful Central Bible Church. 

Cinder with the women of Faithful Central Bible Church, dressed in purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October.

“I Can Do All Things through Christ who Strengthens me”.

Philippians: 4:13

Awards & Accolades

  • City of Inglewood, Exemplary Service Award
  • City of Inglewood, Special Commendation for Outstanding Service
  • Rotary Clubs of Inglewood and Westchester, Service Above Self Award
  • Oakwood Church Southern California, Community Service Award
  • Morningside Community Church, Community of Recognition Award
  • California Legislature Assembly, Certificate of Recognition
  • Inglewood Chamber of Commerce, Women Business Leaders Award
  • State Senate of California, Outstanding Woman’s Award
  • California Legislature Assembly, Outstanding Woman’s Award
  • California Legislature Assembly, 2020 Unsung Hero Award (Black History Month)