The Foundation

Social Media

We will teach how to identify messages they may receive on social media, how to navigate conversations that may make them uncomfortable, and learn how to reject negative feedback and unwarranted peer pressure.  

Understanding Who We Are

Our youth will learn about body image, weight, food, and eating disorders.  We will teach them about having confidence and self-esteem, in spite of what they think they look like, or how others view them. 

One on One Mentoring Sessions

They will be matched with a mentor, which will set up a time and place, spending at least 1 hour a week, engaging in their activity of choice.  The interaction can be in person or on zoom.

Boy/Girl Circle

This peer group promotes the resiliency and healthy, development of girls.  They will gather in a group of 10 or less, sit in a circle and talk about current events, struggles, peer pressure, life, school, relationships, fears, education, and sex.  Every session is confidential and will not be discussed with parents unless they are in immediate danger.

Washing Clothes

They will be taught the laundry process in a fun and simple way.  They will be asked to bring a load(s) of clothes, cleaning detergents, and a willingness to learn ways to wash, while spending an enjoyable day, with others in a judgment-free zone. 

Bra Fitting 

We will teach the girls the correct techniques to fit a bra.  We will also resolve common bra fitting issues and “breast” bra myths.  We will discuss key checkpoints in what to look for and what to avoid when purchasing bras. 


Good hygiene habits are a great foundation for good hygiene in the teenage years.  We will teach grooming practices that will create tidy and neat appearances. 


They will learn essential life skills needed to succeed in school and life.  Each mentee will participate in interactive, engaging lessons and activities, including making a good first impression, how to have a conversation, showing appreciation and dining skills. 

Attitude, respect, and consideration | Making a good first impression | Personal appearance | Body language (eye contact, posture, and facial expressions) | How to hold conversations | Handshake